miércoles, 24 de mayo de 2017

miércoles, 15 de marzo de 2017

Painting with Scissors

Getting inspired by the great artist Henri Matisse, we painted with scissors as he did.

3D Hands

Boys and girls of Art Visual have made these 3D Hands using the outline of their hand , lines and colour.

martes, 7 de febrero de 2017

Elements of art video

This is the video we saw this week.
You can watch it again and read the text you have in your notes.

Christmas Stars


Los chicos de 1º de la ESO han realizado un Árbol de Navidad para decorar el Hall del centro . El Árbol está hecho con estrellas dibujadas por ellos.

jueves, 27 de febrero de 2014


And now, some pictures of our constellations. I think it is the better way to exhibit stars.


At last you can see some examples of your beautiful stars. I promise I will include all of them in another post.